Management of Asbestos in School Buildings (Part 5)

To manage asbestos risk effectively, there must be clarity on who is responsible, and such members of staff must fully understand their role and must communicate asbestos risk to others.

Roles and Responsibilities.

Out of all the schools visited during this programme, 94.3% had an appointed person to deal with asbestos and in most cases that person was aware of their duties and was appropriately trained.
Inspections conducted by the HSE assessed this area of compliance by ensuring the school has an appointed person(s) responsible for communicating asbestos risk who:
• Are aware of the asbestos register and how to access it.
• Are aware of circumstances when a further survey will be required.
• Are aware of areas not surveyed for asbestos.
• Are aware of their management responsibilities.

Training for in-house staff.
Any staff liable to disturb ACMs, through maintenance or other work around the school should receive the correct level of information, instruction, and training. Before carrying out such work they should do a suitable and sufficient risk assessment and have access to relevant documentation such as the register and site plans. The HSE report states:
“In 36% of the schools visited, staff within the school (or from a shared facilities team whose responsibilities covered that school, among others) would sometimes carry out maintenance or refurbishment work that had the potential to disturb ACMs.”
During this programme of visits the HSE assessed compliance based on whether the schools’ in-house staff carrying out work are:
• Provided with the asbestos register/ site plans.
• Aware of procedures if they find a suspect material not ifdentified on the register.
• Leaving the work area safe on completion of works.
• Aware of incident procedures for accidental disturbance of ACMs.
• Given appropriate training.
• Monitored and supervised.
• In possession of a suitable and sufficient risk assessment
• Aware of areas not surveyed for asbestos.
• In possession of a method statement.

Environmental Essentials – Here to Help.
Whether your school staff require training on managing asbestos, non-licensed work with asbestos or a basic awareness session we have both in-person and online sessions to suit all needs. Contact the Environmental Essentials Training Academy for full details on how we can help you to fulfil the training needs for your school staff.