Management of Asbestos in School Buildings (Part 4)

Dutyholders are required to prepare a written plan which sets out the measures for actively managing the risk from identified ACMs. Notably, the HSE’s report states these should be “specific to their school”.

Between September 2022 and March 2023, HSE have undertaken a program of inspections in schools across Great Britain with the aim of measuring compliance with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. In this series we provide common sense advice on how to be fully compliant in the areas identified as requiring improvement within schools across Great Britain.

In 87.3% of cases there was evidence of an up-to-date AMP available for the site which had been reviewed or updated every 12 months. Areas considered when reviewing the AMP included:
• A copy of the register or how to access it.
• Who the dutyholder is.
• How information about ACMs is provided to those undertaking work which could potentially disturb ACMs.
• Arrangements/ schedule for monitoring ACMs.
• Staff/ organisations with responsibilities for managing risk from ACMs.
• Reviewed or updated at least every 12 months.
• Includes incident procedures in the event of unplanned disturbance.
• Specific responsibilities which these staff/ organisations have.
• How information is made available to emergency services attending site.
• Deputies/ contingency arrangements to cover staff leave/ absence.

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