Management of Asbestos in School Buildings (Part 3)

In this series we provide common sense advice on how to be fully compliant in the areas identified as requiring improvement within schools across Great Britain.

Asbestos Registers
Dutyholders are required to create a user-focussed asbestos register suitable for the occupier and building/ maintenance contractors. Of the schools visited by HSE, 95% had an accessible asbestos register while in 91.2% of cases this had been reviewed within the previous 12 months.

However, the HSE report also states:
“Anecdotal evidence from inspectors also suggests that, in some cases, the asbestos register was maintained by local authorities but staff at the school were not maintaining a copy on site and were often largely unaware of its content. In some cases, it was also clear that a review had only been carried out very recently and most likely in direct response to the school becoming aware of an upcoming HSE inspection.”

In addition, where a register was available, some of the key elements of an asbestos register were not included. The following elements were checked for inclusion:
• Condition assessment of each ACM.
• Appropriate action(s) to prevent exposure.
• Likelihood of disturbance.
• Reviewed within the last 12 months.
• Site plans of all buildings showing the location of ACMs and areas not inspected.
• List of areas not inspected.
• Information relating to ACMs in a user-focused, clear, and easy to understand format.
• Confirmation that identified actions are completed.
• Photographs of each ACM that enable condition to be compared.

It appears that while asbestos information was available in the majority of cases, this information was not user-focussed, nor was it being accessed by building users and maintenance/ building contractors.

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