Management of Asbestos in School Buildings (Part 2)

In this series we provide common sense advice on how to be fully compliant in the areas identified as requiring improvement within schools across Great Britain.

Asbestos Surveys
Dutyholders are required to identify the location, condition, and type of ACMs in all areas of buildings that are reasonably accessible. Initially, this will take the form of an asbestos management survey which should be conducted by a competent person in accordance with HSE guidance found within HSG264 “Asbestos – The Survey Guide”.

To ensure competence, HSE strongly recommend using UKAS accredited surveyors. In any case HSE expect dutyholders to make “reasonable enquiries” to ensure any surveyor used is competent.
HSG 264 states that for a surveyor to be considered competent they must:
• have sufficient training, qualifications, knowledge, experience, and ability to carry out their duties in relation to the survey and to recognise their limitations.
• have sufficient knowledge of the specific tasks to be undertaken and the risks which the work will entail.
• be able to demonstrate independence, impartiality, and integrity.
• have an adequate quality management system; and
• carry out the survey in accordance with recommended guidance (i.e., this publication).

Environmental Essentials – Are here to Help!
Environmental Essentials are a fully UKAS Accredited asbestos surveying organisation with many years of experience surveying various types of premises and extensive property portfolios throughout the education sector.
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