Introducing…. OMNI

Environmental Essentials are extremely proud to launch our new asbestos management portal, OMNI.

OMNI is a cloud based, property driven management tool with customizable reporting and dashboards and includes features such as interactive plans, allowing end users to get to the source of asbestos risks easily. OMNI is designed to receive data from numerous existing software packages and can cleanse existing asbestos data imports. If you are looking for a compliance system that will put you in safe hands, then OMNI is the natural choice for Duty Holders of statutory regulatory compliance

Whether you have existing asbestos data held within an existing system or you are just embarking on the collection of new asbestos data for a portfolio of properties, OMNI is the compliance partner that you require to keep you organised and on top of your legal obligations….call now for a no obligation demonstration / quote.

Please contact Rosie Greer on 0345 4569953 to register interest