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Asbestos Uses

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So, where can we find these materials? That is a question with no definitive answer, the truth is it can be found anywhere and everywhere that people decided to put it!

There are materials that are common and we could encounter everyday in our homes or workplace without realising.  This is where the danger lies with people not being aware until it is too late and disturbing asbestos releasing it's harmful fibres.

Around our homes asbestos can potentially be found in anything from floor tiles/coverings, adhesive, decorative/textured coatings, sink pads, cement sheeting, down-pipes, soffits, verge boards, roofing felt, damp proof courses and even woven materials, toilet cisterns, wall/ceiling  panels, shelving, an almost endless list with many more examples that could be added to this!

There are materials in other places that also contain asbestos, many of our schools, hospitals, factories, theatres and other buildings also contain an abundance of asbestos containing materials, asbestos can be potentially found in gaskets between pipes, sprayed coatings, loose insulation, pipe lagging, ceiling tiles, brake shoes and other friction products, within fire doors, ovens, boilers, fuse boxes, again this list is not exhaustive. 

In addition to those ACMs commonly identified, there is the potential for asbestos to be present in most unusual and unexpected locations, for example there are stories of miners or other asbestos workers taking the material home, in its raw form , and using it themselves as a substitute material in items such as slippers, oven gloves and as loose fill insulation in domestic roof spaces.  Asbestos really was used for many purposes before some countries of the world began to realise how dangerous it really is. Sadly not all countries and people are aware of it's dangers but campaigners, such as the ADAO, are trying to educate and restrict the future impact of Asbestos, through their preventative campaigns.

Are you a tradesman who could come across any of these materials in your daily work? Then why not read our blog this afternoon and see how you can protect yourself and others from asbestos exposure.

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