Asbestos Management – Competence

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires asbestos to be safely managed in all non-domestic premises.

This legal responsibility falls to the dutyholder – the person with the main responsibility for maintenance and repair within the premises. The dutyholder and any other person or organisation delegated tasks by the dutyholder must demonstrate competence.

ACoP L143 – “Managing and Working with Asbestos” makes this point in relation to competence:
“Any reference within this document to competence, competent persons or competent employees is a reference to a person or employee who has received adequate information, instruction and training for the task being done and can demonstrate an adequate and up-to-date understanding of the work, required control measures and appropriate law. They must also have appropriate experience to apply this knowledge effectively.”

  • Are you a dutyholder?
  • Are you delegated tasks by the dutyholder?
  • Are you competent?
  • Is your knowledge up-to-date?

How can Environmental Essentials help?

At Environmental Essentials we can provide you with the training and up-to-date understanding required to help you demonstrate your competence with regards to managing asbestos within non-domestic premises.

Our experienced trainers can help you to gain recognised qualifications in asbestos management. These courses can be hosted within a classroom at our dedicated training academy, or our trainers will be happy to come to your premises. Alternatively, these courses can all be held virtually via Zoom or Teams.

  • BOHS P405 – Management of Asbestos in Buildings (including asbestos removal)
    Designed to provide candidates with practical knowledge and skills to manage asbestos in buildings and to provide a basic knowledge of asbestos removal procedures.
    Who is it for?
    Dutyholders, Appointed Persons or Deputies


  • UKATA – Duty to Manage Appointed Person
    To provide the delegate with the theoretical and practical skills to undertake the management of asbestos containing materials within the buildings that they are responsible for as defines in CAR 2012.
    Who is it for?
    Dutyholders, Appointed Persons or Deputies


  • UKATA – Duty to Manage
    To provide the delegate with a basic understanding of the legislative requirements of CAR 2012 with particular reference to the Duty holder and who that could be, the surveys available, what to expect in a survey and the asbestos management plan and its use and requirement.
    Who is it for?
    And persons assisting Dutyholders or Appointed Persons.

All of these courses are available as refresher sessions ensuring your knowledge is kept up-to-date.
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