Removal Management

Any licensed asbestos works are required to be undertaken by a current HSE licensed asbestos contractor. Although a contractor may be licensed it does not prove or substantiate in any way the quality of on site workmanship or employees. The licence in brief only signifies that as a company they understand and have in place the systems to undertake work in full compliance with current regulations.

Environmental Essentials can assist to ensure that all works are completed in full accordance with clients instructions and as such gives the client peace of mind that the completed works include everything that has been paid for. This gives the client value for their money without compromise.

  • Reviewing methods, risk assessments and plans of work;
  • Ensuring adequacy of equipment and controls;
  • Ensuring appropriateness of techniques and methods involved in the remedial work;
  • Ensuring site preparation and cleanliness to the clients satisfaction;
  • Ensuring controls in place are monitored and inspected;
  • Ensuring arrangements for waste removal and transit routes are detailed and adequate;

When work commences Environmental Essentials can ensure that:

  • The plan of work is in line with the clients specified requirements;
  • The plan of work is understood and signed by each contractor;
  • The medical surveillance records for each asbestos operative are in date and available for inspection;
  • The asbestos removal operatives hold a face fit certificate for their chosen respirators;
  • The equipment utilised is inspected, pat tested, complies with PAS 60 (Publicly Available Specifications) and for extraction equipment has a valid DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) test certificate;
  • The contractor follows the plan of work and does not deviate from the written instructions;
  • Smoke testing of asbestos enclosures are recoded, witnessed and detailed;
  • Enclosure integrity inspections are undertaken daily and recorded;
  • Air monitoring is undertaken at strategic times to ensure compliance with the regulations;
  • The client is informed of any amendments to the plan of work or site activities;

For more information on the services we provide, please call 0345 4569953 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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